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Versant Features

Features The Drive Performance, Image Quality & Versatility

  1. Ultra HD Resolution – The combination of rendering resolution and imaging resolution with expanded halftone screens yields a smoother, crisper resolution of objects and improved graphic fills and sweeps.
  2. Advanced Oversized High Capacity Feeder (option) – Total paper capacity of 4,000 sheets (330 x 488 mm) in two trays with integrated technology to reduce skew, improve paper handling and prevent misfeeds. A Tray Inserter extends minimum size to 98 x 148 mm for postcards and envelopes.
  3. Bypass Tray – A convenient and accessible pick point for feeding standard and specialty media like envelopes or extra-long sheets (XLS).
  4. Extra-Long Sheet (XLS) Capability – Print banners, dust jackets, calendars and other applications up to 660 mm long.
  5. Custom Paper Settings – Ensure perfect output on all stocks by allowing users to set, save and recall a wide range of technical settings for specific media types.
  6. Press Interface – Provides quick and easy access to scan and copy features, automated processes, status and maintenance functions.
  7. Automated Run-Time Colour Controls – An internal subsystem of closed-loop process controls works continuously during printing to automatically maintain colour consistency and colour-to-colour registration throughout the run.
  8. Integrated Registration Alignment (IRA) – Uses over 50 sensors and switches to intelligently control paper transport that is accurate and automated.
  9. Three Standard Paper Trays – Each holds 550 sheets of coated or uncoated stocks in sizes ranging from 140 x 182 mm up to 330 x 488 mm and weights up to 256 gsm.
  10. Intermediate Belt Transfer – An automated and continuous process applying bias (voltage) and sensors to transfer images to registered paper with higher colour quality and consistency with no operator involvement.
  11. Bias Charge Rolls and Auto Cleaning Technology – Provides uniform electrical charging of key xerographic components, ensuring smoother halftones and reduced downtime. Both Bias Charge Rolls and Drum Cartridges are combined as a single, customer replaceable unit (CRU) for easier, faster maintenance.
  12. Integrated Scanner – A dual-head colour scanner provides copy and scanning up to 200 ipm and scans in black and white or colour, up to 600 dpi, with a 250-sheet (90 gsm) Duplex Automatic Feeder up to A3 sheets. Scanning output options include scan-to-file, email, USB or a server.
  13. Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) – Push button-easy print and auto-scan adjustments produce higher quality jobs faster, on more media types, with better output and less waste.
  14. Load-While-Run Dry Ink – Specially engineered Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Low Melt Dry Ink provides a smooth, offset-like finish and outstanding colour image quality with smaller, more uniform particles and less energy.
  15. Advanced Fusing Technology – A newly designed flat fuser pad in the Compact Belt Fuser results in a larger surface contact area, reducing paper stress and deformation. The fuser uses two heat rolls to replenish the heat lost through the fusing process more quickly and efficiently for consistent image quality at high speeds. Although designed for long life, the entire assembly is customer replaceable, eliminating downtime and lost productivity.
  16. Smart Decurler Module – Delivers consistent, error-free finishing by automatically removing up or down curl using paper weight and ambient temperature/humidity data.
  17. X-RITE® INLINE SPECTROPHOTOMETER (ILS) – The Performance Package option includes an inline spectrophotometer built into the paper path where it measures spectral data and hands it over to the ACQS colour management software for print server calibration and stock profiling.

    By removing the need for an operator-intensive handheld spectrophotometer and manual process, the ILS reduces errors and time spent on calibration while ensuring stable, accurate and repeatable colour. And because the process is pain-free and easy, operators are more likely to complete calibration and profiling.


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